About Me

I was born in the late 70’s to parents, a generation and culture that didn’t really like to acknowledge their own problems, let alone talk about them! Four decades later and I am deeply thankful that things have changed.

I found my way to the therapeutic world in the early 2000’s, searching for answers my parents and the British culture at large were thus far, still unable to give me. I dedicated two decades to a journey of intense personal growth and healing. At first the work felt daunting and embarrassing, it was hard going, and change felt slow and painful. I am pleased to say that it gained momentum over the years and I no longer fear it. Rather surprisingly, I now seek the still unintegrated parts of myself out. I have become the rather accepting and hardworking alchemist reaping the rewards of the fruits of her labour!

In my experience, avoiding problems does not mean we escape them. We can hope, by not looking, that they will somehow disappear, unfortunately they do not. They fester and grow in the dark or change shape and boil over, often destroying our lives in various ways to various degrees. My heartfelt invitation to you is to join me in doing your own work. You will, with help, and if you can persevere, find the same freedom I have gained.

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I have a diploma in counselling from The University of the West of England where I qualified in 2011. This was a BACP accredited course.

I use supervision and continued professional development to ensure I am working ethically and effectively.

I hold an up to date first aid certificate and am a qualified ride leader for British Cycling.

I am fully insured both as a counsellor and as a ride leader.


Support Worker – Women’s Refuge

Support Worker – Turning Point

Support Worker – Addaction

Training, Recreation, Education, Employment and Support Worker - Addiction Recovery Agency

Trainee Counsellor for the Day Programme – Addiction Recovery Agency

Trainee Student Counsellor – Weston College